She Wraps Yarn Around Poster Board. The Result? Every Little Girls DREAM!

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Now here are some great diy ideas for kids. In this tutorial, she wraps yarn around poster board, and the result is every little girl's dream. These great diy ideas share some really fun things for kids birthday parties or to use for gifts, including a very cool headpiece using yarn. You'll love the result, and so will your kids who dream of having princess styled hair-dos. Perfect for a princess themed party or even for Halloween or dress up time. All you need for the awesome hair piece diy project is some yarn, which you can find very inexpensively at a dollar store or department store. You can use any colour depending on what your kids like. In the video, they show different options to use when dressing up as different princesses which all look so cute. Using yarn for this craft project will give it that look of hair, with all the strands coming together to make a braid. If you don't know how to braid, there are some great video tutorials that teach you exactly how to make a nice, even braid. The yarn is a great place to practice braiding too since it's less likely to get tangled up like normal hair would.

The other fun things for kids in this tutorial are also princess themed. You can learn how to make a simple star wand and a really cute lace crown. Again, these would be great to make for party favors, costumes or as a gift for any kid who likes princesses. These tutorials could also be great as projects to do during kid's birthday parties or sleepover parties. Kids love to to make crafts, and it's especially cool that they will get to play dress up and wear them after they're finished making them. Make sure to have different colour options available for the kids to choose their favourite colour scheme. It would be appropriate for age 5 - 8 with the help of adults, but as kids get older, they may be able to do it themselves. Always be sure to watch kids when using glue guns, especially the really little ones, and maybe do the gluing for the younger ones. It's always nice to organize some different fun things for kids to do at birthdays rather than just games and movies.

Diy ideas are very popular these days, especially with access to the internet. Before, diy projects to do could be found in Diy books or in crafting or home decor magazines, but now, you can find thousands of different diy ideas with one google search. Pinterest is also diy project heaven. Many people have a Pinterest list of crafts so long they could do a craft every week for a year and probably not run out of new ideas. Many diy ideas involve recycling or upcycling different materials, while others involve buying new materials if you don't have them around. It's great when you can repurpose something in your home that's not getting the use it once did. This way we can keep junk out of our landfills taking the pressure off of the earth. Donating items to charity is also a better idea than chucking them into the garbage, this way they can have a second or third life before they are not useful anymore. Clothing is great to reuse and repurpose into diy projects since so many of them use fabric. You can also collect materials at thrift stores yourself, that way you're recycling and you save a lot of money too. Check out more of the great diy ideas over at All Tips Ideas, happy crafting.***

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