Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins

If you love shepherds pie, then you will be sure to love these shepherd's pie potato skins. This recipe comes to us from Tip Hero, a great website that has tons of great recipes, Do It Yourself projects, cleaning tutorials, health information and other fun stuff. They share feel good stories and fun articles featuring positive news stories, which are always fun to peruse. If you are so inclined, they also give people the opportunity to share a tip of their own on the website. So if you have any cool household tips and tricks or good recipes up your sleeve, you can definitely share them and maybe get them published. Many of their recipes also feature a video showing how to make the recipe, including this recipe for shepherd's pie potato skins. The videos always come in handy, especially when it's your first time making a recipe. You get to watch exactly how someone else makes it from start to finish, and what the end results are supposed to look like. Especially for those more elaborate recipes with detailed instructions that you don't want to mess up.

This delicious potato recipe includes all of the yummy fillings of a regular shepherd's pie, but instead of serving it in one big casserole dish, this is a recipe that has individual servings. So you still have all of the great flavour of your regular shepherd's pie, but all in your own personal potato skin. Potatoes have to be one of the most versatile vegetables, they can be served in so many ways and they adapt to many different flavourings. There are so many different ways to cook potatoes like boiling and mashing, frying, roasting and sautéing, and of course, baking, which is how these potato skins are made. With all of these different ways to cook potatoes, you can enjoy the health benefits of potatoes in many ways. Potatoes include a high amount of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, they are also very filling which is why they have always been a staple on dinner tables all around the world. Another reason why people love potatoes so much is because they are very affordable. You can usually find a bag of organic potatoes for $5 or less in North America, and non organic ones are even more affordable. Just be sure to scrub your potatoes good before you eat them, especially if you will be eating the skins, like you will be in this recipe.

Potatoes are also really easy to grow in your own backyard. All you need is some decent soil, but it doesn't have to be too perfect because potatoes will grow pretty much anywhere. You can use the eyes of the potato cut into chunks to start out your potato plant, and you make little mounds of dirt for each one, and each piece will produce a plant. The green part grows above ground, but this isn't where the potato comes from, the potato grows under the ground as a root vegetable, so you have to go digging through the soil to get your potatoes, which can actually be quite fun. For this recipe, you want to keep the skins on your potato and scoop out the insides when the potato is done baking to mix with the other shepherd's pie ingredients. The results of this delicious potato recipe are amazing, a fully loaded potato ready to dig into. You could enjoy this as a meal all on it's own, or have a side salad along with it. Want a vegetarian option? Simply omit the beef and just have the vegetables.***

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