Showjumping Rabbits! OMG COOL!

We have heard of dog shows and horses doing amazing things in the racetrack, but we’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of rabbits doing some cool tricks! Brace yourselves for some fur ball action coming from hopping, skipping and showjumping rabbits that we recently discovered. These rabbits are about to stun the judges on the finals of a nationwide contest to finding the most amazing pets in the United Kingdom. Ladies and gents, get familiar with Bubbles and Lilac. They are coached by 15-year-old twin brothers Mathew and Thomas Haslam who are from Moorends, Doncaster.

The twins have 20 rabbits, but Bubbles and Lilac are the ones who have shown their skills and understanding from their coaching, so they were chosen to participate in the competition in Birmingham. Their mom was very proud of their accomplishment, training their pets and was amazed to see how those rabbits got ready for the contest instead of just sitting around all day eating carrots. Rabbits are not advisable to be kept in hunches for a long time; it’s not healthy for them. It is best that they too are exercising just like other pets. And it’s also amazing to see how these rabbits are even more enjoying when they jump over the fences as part of their training.

The twins got their idea of training their pets from a YouTube video where some rabbits were filmed in Sweden to jump over obstacles. Matthew could not be more excited for the finals and said that they could only hope that their rabbits don’t get stage fright when the time has come for them to perform. The have prepared a course with different fences for them to jump and hop on and other miniature fences used for horses.

If you want to know more about these amazing cute rabbits and their talents, check out the website “The Telegraph” below.

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