Silent Rooftop Wind Turbines Could Generate Half of a Household's Energy Needs

Studying up on the off grid life? Wondering about off the grid electricity? Wondering about renewable energy, sustainable energy, and environmentally-friendly energy sources to help power up your off-grid home? Off the grid wind power could well be the answer. These silent rooftop wind turbines could generate half a household’s energy. Another answer could be an off grid solar power system. Better yet, a combination of wind and solar power could work together to generate enough electricity for an off-grid home to sustain itself on a daily basis. Unlike oil and gas, wind and sunshine are two constants in the world that we live in, and we’re not about to run out of either of them soon.

Exactly how do wind turbines work? Basically, a wind turbine is kind of a fan in reverse; you know how we use electricity to make a fan work? Well, we can use wind turbines to make electricity. As natural wind causes the turbine blades to spin, they turn a shaft that’s connected to a generator, converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power. Up until recently, most wind turbines have been mounted atop hundred-foot towers so they can be exposed to the greatest amounts of wind, while confronting the least amount of turbulence, and therefore be able to capture the maximum amounts of energy. Not only do wind turbines have the potential for powering a single house, when they’re connected to a turbine grid, they have a potential for powering entire communities. Imagine the potential of wind-powered villages, towns, and cities – using less fossil fuels and taking full advantage of clean, sustainable energy. It’s inventions like these that will eventually change the world.

Although we talk about wind power and solar power being two separate energy sources, wind is actually a kind of solar energy – not separate, but a part of the sun’s powerful influence on earth. Wind currents are caused by the sun’s irregular heating of the planet’s atmosphere as well as the earth’s rotation and varied surfaces of the earth. Oceans and other bodies of water can also highly modify wind speed and wind patterns throughout any given country. For centuries, humans have tried to harness this free-flowing energy through activities like windsurfing, sailing, kites-flying, hang-gliding, pumping water, and generating electricity. In recent years, new forms of wind turbines are surfacing, ones that are easy-to-install and use in an off-grid manner. These silent rooftop wind turbines are a perfect example of the new wind turbines that anyone can have access to. They’re installed on rooftops where wind currents are plentiful, and can help generate enough electricity for half a household each day. To generate more energy, you could install a few more wind turbines, or supplement wind energy with other forms of natural energy, like solar power, or water turbines.

This information about the silent rooftop wind turbines comes from the Archimedes YouTube Channel, where you can learn lots more about their wind turbine products as well as living off grid with solar power, living off grid with wind power, and living off grid with battery power. Named after the great Greek philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, Archimedes specializes in developing new methods of utilizing the natural laws of physics in order to create renewable energy sources that are safe for our planet.*

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