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One way to offer a sense of quality and unity to a cabin design is to repeat a given detail throughout. This repetition of a design is much like a musical theme being preformed and followed with variations to the notes. For example you may like a certain object like a flower that may have some significance, or there may be a shape or even a wood style that you just simply like. Think about using this thing that you feel some emotion for throughout the design of your home. When you walk in your front door you may see an inlaid shape in your entrance or that favorite species of wood used in the cupboard space. As you go further into your little house, you have a small piece of art incorporating your shape, then on into the sleeping area, perhaps there is a quilt or pillow case with the same theme. Although these small details may be subtle, the presence of a repeated theme throughout your house will give the living space a sense of unity and completeness. This same unity can be achieved with colors. Especially in a tiny space all aspects are going to affect how you feel when you are living there. If you do not have continuity you may find yourself feeling unsettled and not really know why. This country cabin is 16 ft. x 26 ft. in size giving it about 415 square feet of living space. There is also a space in the loft in addition to this that is the sleeping area. This cabin was built by Kanga Room Systems and is located in Texas. The cabin has a porch with red upright beams and a nice peaked roof. The exterior colors harmonize nicely with the natural surroundings. The interior has and open living area with kitchen, a downstairs bedroom, and even a small washer/dryer. This home easily sleeps four. A simple home allowing you to live a simple uncomplicated life.

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