Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

A Dump a Day has many interesting and simple ideas that are borderline genius. From picnic tables that simply fold up when not in use, to solar power electrical plugs that you can stick to the window they have many great ideas that can make life simpler.

The interesting thing about the folding picnic table is that it can make great wall art or a conversation piece when not in use. Then when it is time to use it you can fold it down to a sturdy picnic table that could fit a group of 6 or more, if need be. This would be great for small yards or small living space like in a tiny home or spaces.

I know many people who like to watch shows or movies on hand held device, such as their smart phone, on their lunch hour. If you have ever tried this you will know how hard it is to both hold your phone and eat at the same time. Why not a bowl that has a built in phone rest so you can eat your soup, pasta, or anything else you like eating out of a bowl and watch your shows.

My favorite simple genius idea is the solar power window outlet. This invention would be great when you are camping or somewhere remote. It would be great for when you can’t find a free outlet, and it is green energy which will not increase your power bill. My third favorite (after solar window plug and the folding picnic table) is the perfect cake cutter. It can cut the perfect slice every time, no more complaining from the kids about who has a bigger slice of cake.

These simple ideas are not usual, over time many inventors out of necessary or just plain 'ol creativity have created new innovated things. For example there was a one wheel motorcycle (no, it was not just a made up movie prop, but a real thing); how about a steamed automobile that was created in the mid 1800’s, or an amphibious bicycle that can be used on land or water. Some people just put a name to something that already exist and make it poplar, like the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, it is said that he order his servant to bring him meat that is “tucked between two piece of bread”. His friend liked the idea so much that when they are asked what t o eat they said “the same as sandwich” and the name stuck.

Pinterest is a great site where you can have your own boards, and pin ideas and inspirations to your boards. There are some really amazing simple ideas on this page. I especially like the rolling pin, that has different adjustments to roll out the dough to the exact thickness you need. Then there is the roll up drying rack, that allows you to roll a drying rack right overtop your sink, and then when your done you can easily store it away. Then the cake cutter that allows you to cut a piece of cake and bring it over to the plate without loosing half the cake on the way, genius! This one I've seen before, and I think every house should have one, or at least every household that likes to eat milk and cereal, This great bowl, allows you to have your cereal on one side and your milk on the other, so there is so more soggy cereal, and think of all the money you'll save on wasted cereal. These ideas really are borderline genius, if only I had thought of some of them.

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