Slow Cooker Chicken With Creamy Mushroom Rice

Love cooking crockpot recipes? Would you like to try a recipe for a special family day? Crockpot dishes are so delicious. Are you up to try something new? You're in luck because we have a slow cooker recipe just for you. You might be confused about crockpot and slow cooker. They both refer to the same thing. Slow cooker is also known as a crockpot. It is a counter top electrical cooking appliance which is used for simmering that requires maintaining a low temperature. This allows for hours of unattended cooking.

This recipe calls for a combination of different ingredients which makes the dish very tasty and flavorful. Aside from the chicken meat, you will need Jasmine rice. What is the difference of Jasmine rice with any other rice? The answer is simple. Jasmine rice is known as Thai fragrant rice. It is a long-grain variety of rice that has a sweet aromatic fragrance. Based from my experience, Jasmine rice has this smooth texture and yes it has this aroma when you cook it. Whatever your dish is the Jasmine rice makes it more appetizing.

You will need two cooking utensils to make this recipe. One is the slow cooker and the skillet. Slow cooker is for longer cooking hours. This makes the meat very tender. A skillet is a flat bottomed frying pan used for browning foods. Cooking time for this dish is 3-4 hours until rice and meat is tender. From the recipe name, this dish has a creamy touch. Make sure to add more milk and lots of romano cheese. Romano cheese are used in substitute of parmesan. Imagine combining Milk and cheese to the fragrant rice with tender meat. Wow! Mouthwatering creamy and flavorful goodness. This recipe yields four delicious servings.

What do you think? This recipe sound so fabulous right? What are you waiting for? You and your family will love it!

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