Slow Cooker Hamburger Hash

We discovered this amazing recipe called the Slow Cooker Hamburger Hash made by two Christian housewives, Amber and Ann. They run this blog called Recipes We Love, which you can find not only delicious recipes, but also a meal-schedule that could help you plan what to cook for your family for an entire week. So if you’re like them who is a housewife who wants a more organized detail of the meals to prepare for your partner and kids, we highly recommend that you visit their Week Meal Plans section.

Now, going back to our recently discovered recipe for hamburger hash, the ingredients are easy to find and it’s not something that will require a lot of work. You just need some potatoes, onion, vegetable or canola oil (olive oil can also be an alternative if you’re on a real health kick), cheddar cheese, garlic and of course, salt and pepper. You will need a large pan to cook it because you’ll be dealing with a lot of potatoes and about a pound of hamburger.

Your husband will surely love eating it while watching his favorite game on TV. You can pair it with a salad recipe and corn for the side dish recipe. It’s also a good dish to cook during BBQ weekends with your friends, just to switch things up a bit and just so your guests could have another option to eat.

Bring out the chef in you and have fun making this in the kitchen. You can always add something to it that would make it your own original version. Just make sure that you get the basic instructions right and you can already take it from there.

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Using a slow cooker, is a great way to save time in your busy schedule and create homemade, healthy recipes. A slow cooker, also known as a Crock Pot, is an easy to use countertop cooking appliance that can be used for simmering, which uses relatively low temperatures compared to other cooking methods such as boiling, frying and baking. The slow cooker allows to leave your cooking unattended for several hours while the meal recipe cooks. You can make pot roasts, soup recipes, stew recipes, dip recipes, dessert recipes and beverage recipes inside of a slow cooker. This convenient appliance is a great convenience for people who work during the day, and want to come home to a dinner recipe that is already prepared.

Another hamburger hash recipe you will find on this site include potatoes, browned hamburger, diced onion, vegetable oil, shredded cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and garlic. For this recipe you start with a large frying pan, and brown the hamburger with one diced onion, some salt and pepper, and some garlic salt or real garlic. Then drain the hamburger and set it aside. In the frying pan coat the bottom with some vegetable oil. Then put one bag of frozen diced potatoes (or you can use regular potatoes, it just takes a bit longer). Use some salt and pepper, and some garlic salt and cook until the potatoes are soft and brown. Then stir in the hamburger, and cover with the shredded cheddar cheese. YOu can serve it with some hot sauce or ketchup. Hamburger hash is one of those recipes that once you make, you will want to try it again and again, it's warm and hearty and a great addition to any dinner table.

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