Using a slow cooker for meat preparation allows you to even use lower grades of meat and get tender results. The process of slow, low and long cooking times tenderizes the meat. Did you realize that buying meat in a larger quantity can equal a savings in cost. You can large packages of chuck steaks or roasts by sectioning them into quarters. Next just cut the meat according to a meal plan. You can dice a portion for stews, cut pieces sized for making shish kebabs or slice it thinly for that next sweet and sour. If you have a meat grinder you can make a portion into ground beef or you could cut a section that is the perfect size for your family pot roast meal. When you buy any bulk meat, always save the bones. You can also either freeze them, or you can put them into a pot of water right away and make up a broth. Preparing and packaging your bulk size chunk of meat prior to freezing is not only a money saver but a time saver as well.

When it comes to this slow cooker philly cheese steak sandwich recipe you cook your beef sirloin for several hours in the slow cooker with a great combination of delicious herbs and spices. This produces delicious flavor with melt-in-your-mouth texture. What a super meal idea if you are asking in friends and family. You get the meat cooking hours ahead of when your guests are going to arrive and to put together the actual sandwiches takes no time at all.

Choose a great bun for your sandwiches at your local bakery or if you are really ambitious you could make homemade bun and really impress everyone! If you decide to bake you own, you can always make them the day ahead. If you plan to buy your buns, choose one with a good texture that will compliment this fantastic sandwich. If you get a bun that is too soft, it may just be mushy. Baguettes, either white or whole wheat would be a great choice. Well, enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on The Food Network website below.

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