Small Wooden Houses Under $5000

Have you ever come up in a state of fascination wherein you want to build a simple home for a very little money, without ever going into debt? I know most of us wanted to build our own dream house but we are running out of budget for materials. The key to a simple home is to use low cost and locally available natural materials. These includes a small diameter of wood, and straw to keep track of your expenses to minimum.

The Home and Garden Centre located in Monmouthshire in Wales has a huge selection of garden cabin kits that are currently be couriered to Wales, Scottish Lowlands and even in England. It varies according to designs and styles. Each finished kits have a covered porches, a built-in decks, large windows, and a double doors so you could sit comfortably on your garden or on a deck. Home and Garden Centre sells kits for conventional up to contemporary style log cabins that will naturally fit into the corner of your property as well as if you are planning for additional structures such as tool sheds or saunas.

The massive reason why there is a growing popularity of this package is due to its low cost. The complete package comes in a complete kit form with a very detailed instructions for easy installation and some optional extras like underfloor heating and insulation kits. The size of the area ranges from 50 square feet up to approximately 215 square feet. You can actually build shelters under $2,200. For $2,200- $5,000 you could have build a nice and small home that would actually outlast most of the conventional wood-framed houses youll ever seen. Does this sound awesome to you? Then I suggest design and plan your own home now and visit the Home and Garden Centre.

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