Smoked Salmon, Barbecue University-Style

Ah, summer. Time for sunshine and the smoky smells of barbecues, a time-honoured tradition that you can’t help but uphold. This recipe for Smoked Salmon, Barbecue University-Style is all the excuse you need for playing your part.

When you make this recipe, you’ll feel like a real backyard cook, a renegade chef, a handy DIY food-maker! There are many steps involved here, and between each step there is at least an hour’s wait, so allow yourself plenty of time and planning. You will be wet-brining and dry-brining the fish to prepare this unique recipe. The wet brine uses whisky instead of water – yes, you’ll be soaking fish in whisky. Talk about smoky! Most of the whisky is removed when you pat it dry after this step, but the stuff that remains won’t get you drunk, not even a little bit: Alcohol evaporates in heat. Don’t be disappointed. The dry-brine uses brown sugar, salt and pepper. Are these flavours watering your mouth yet?

You might be wondering what to do with the hickory wood chips the recipe calls for: You burn them, silly! By putting them in your barbecue’s embers or near the heat source, smoke comes up and ‘smokes’ the salmon, which adds flavor. Putting the salmon near the heat makes it “hot-smoked”, which means that it is cooked while it is smoked, compared to “cold-smoking” which doesn’t put the fish near heat and so doesn’t cook it.The fish doesn’t go directly on the coals and wood chips though; it sits on a pre-soaked cedar plank that disperses heat and adds more flavoring. Whisky, smoke, and cedar? Nature seems to be doing most of the work here, only accented by the sugar, salt, lemon and pepper.

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There’s just one mystery: What does University-Style mean? I think it means that this recipe is so easy that even a university student can make it. Try it out and see for yourself! Find the whole recipe and process at the My Recipes site just below.

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