Smore Dip

One worthwhile activity usually done by a number of families especially during weekends is camping. When you hear the word camping, you will certainly think of going to a forest or to a river bank and you will want to bring some food items to eat. Yes,camping and eating go hand in hand. Keep in mind that if you are bringing your kids with you, and you know for sure that kids love to eat more special camping type food. Moreover, you should remember that there are some things that you and your family will do on this camping adventure, just as hiking and playing outside games that may make you feel tires and less energized, which is why you need to bring something to eat that will certainly bring back the high energy that you have spent. One worth bringing food is the Hungry Brownie.

Along with the sandwiches, hotdogs and chips, why not give your family something unique and enticing for them to eat? With that being said, you must try the Hungry Brownie. This delicious treat is actually a combination of marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. You will make this by melting the marshmallows and chocolate chips in a cast iron pan. Just make sure to be very careful in handling the pan or the skillet since this may cause some burns on your skin especially if it is still freshly removed from the fire or oven. You can use your cast iron frying pan in the night to make the hungry brownie and in the morning it will be great for cooking up bacon and eggs!You can use the smaller sized marshmallows or the large ones. When marshmallows and the chocolate chips or bar are already melted, you can then remove pan from the heat and you are done. Get your graham crackers and dip it into the final melted product of marshmallow and chocolate. Once you have tried it, you will certainly ask for more. Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Hungry Brownie" website below.

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