S'more Krispy Treats

When you are looking for simple dessert recipes this S'more Krispy Treats idea is the way to go. This quick dessert recipes idea is about as easy as it gets, with only four simple ingredients. All you'll need is a sauce pan and a nine by 13-inch pan to prepare this yummy dessert recipes. With ingredients like butter, marshmallows, Golden Graham cereal, and chocolate chips this is sure to be dessert recipes the whole family will love. This is a good dessert recipes to send to school for snack time or for the kids to enjoy for after school snacks. A tip you will want to use when making this yummy smores krispy treat recipe is to use frozen chocolate chips as they hold their shape better. Room temperature chocolate chips will work, but they will melt quickly. S'mores are simple dessert recipes and quick dessert recipes that are most often found at nighttime campfires and on camping trips. The simple dessert recipes are popular in both the United States and Canada and consists of a fire-toasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate (milk chocolate or dark chocolate) that is sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker cookies. Did you know that there is a National S'mores Day that is celebrated every year on August 10? It seems that the smores simple dessert recipes is becoming more and more popular lately with all sorts of smores dessert recipes ideas from s'mores drink recipes, square and smores cookie ideas. And it's no wonder there is just something irresistible about the combination of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

It may come as a surprise that marshmallow dessert recipes and marshmallow simple dessert recipes can be found as far back as ancient Egypt? At that time, marshmallow dessert recipes would call for extracting sap from the marshmallow plant and mix it with nuts and honey. Other marshmallow dessert recipes and simple dessert recipes used the pith of the marshmallow plant, instead of the marshmallow sap. When making simple dessert recipes the stem of the marshmallow plant would be peeled back to reveal a soft and spongy pith, that was then boiled into a sugary syrup and then dried to produce a soft, chewy marshmallow treat. You could also find the gladiators of ancient Rome, using the marshmallow plant's sap. They would use the sap to rub on their bodies in preparation for fights. Today marshmallow dessert recipes are a sugar-based confection that, in its modern form, typically includes sugar, water, and gelatin that is then whipped to a spongy consistency, and molded into small cylinder type pieces, and then coated with corn starch.

The graham cracker recipe was invented in 1829 in Bound Brook, New Jersey, by a Presbyterian minister named Sylvester Graham. The original graham cracker recipe was made with graham flour. Graham flour is a combination of finely-ground unbleached-wheat flour combined with wheat bran and germ that is coarsely-ground and added back in to provide flavor. While graham crackers started out as an unsweetened or mildly sweetened recipe, they are more commonly known as sugar- or honey-sweetened baked good that are similar to a cookie.Thank you to Nikki for sharing this quick dessert recipes for S'more Krispy treats on the "Chef in Training" recipe site. This is just one of the simple dessert recipes and quick dessert recipes you will find on the site. Other recipes you will find include dessert, appetizer, beef, beverages, bread, breakfast, brownies, cake recipes and more *

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