Snap starts selling Spectacles online in the US for $130

These new spectacles will change the way people look at life. For $129.99 you can purchase these futuristic glasses that will record all of your adventures and life as you know it. Snap wants to prove to its investors that these modern Spectacles can earn money for its business., so the video-recording Sunglasses Spectacles are now openly selling online at They are available in black, coral, or teal and come with a charging case and cable. To use these recording glasses, you simply press the button to make a 10‑second Snap.Friends will know if you are recording them with a light indicator. Previously the sunglasses were only dispensed them Snapbot vending machines in surprise locations and its NYC pop-up store for the last three months. Snap has now closed the pop-up shop, but says that the Snapbots will continue to land in surprising locations around the United States following a brief break. “. Buyers should expect to wait for about two to four weeks for their Spectacles to arrive and households are limited to only six pairs. People can also now buy a $49.99 charging case along with $9.99 charging cords from Snap. You can also wirelessly add your Snaps videos to Memories on your Snapchat.

These video capturing sunglasses are just one of the things that can may our lives easier, but not everyone is sure to be happy about them. Some people might feel like the glasses are an invasion of privacy and would prefer not to be video recorded. The light on the sunglasses is an indicator that the glasses are recording so you'll want to stay out of the shot if you'd prefer not to be recorded. As for why Snap is expanding the Spectacles beyond its limited release strategy, the company was originally going to take a slow approach to selling the futuristic glasses. But upon figuring out what sort of response the public would have, they are finding that overall it has been positive. So they are making the glasses readily available for people to buy. Whether you use your glasses to capture new celebrity news or use them to video your friends or newborn baby, they are sure to be the subject of many conversations for the next while. Since the November launch of the glasses people seem to be quite happy with them, and the online sale of them is sure to make people quite happy.

The glasses have had only one malfunction that is known of. One of the charging cases for the glasses melted, but overall feedback has been quite positive. The sunglasses can record 10 to 30-seconds of video at a time. The glasses have a circular, view-with-your-phone-in-any-orientation video type of format. Snap doesn’t necessarily need to make its money directly from the glasses if it can simply use them just to get more people creating and watching Snaps. The marketing of these video glasses is genius as because they were difficult to initially get caused everyone to want them. And now that they are available they are sure to sell a lot of them. The glasses are well-designed, fun, stylish, and easy to use. For the company's first sunglasses and hardware product, the glasses priced at $130 are a hit. These modern video sunglasses are sure to be something that everyone wants both young and old alike. And the glasses are sure to change the way we look at video sharing once again.

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