Snickers Cheesecake Bites

If you even remotely like Snickers candy bars, then you are sure to love this Snickers Cheesecake Bites recipe from Kitchen Sanctuary. With all of the amazing dessert recipes out there on in recipe books, not to mention on the internet, it would take a very long time to try them all out. That is why it's fun when you just stumble upon a recipe like this one and decide to make it and the sooner, the better. We always need different dessert recipes to make for celebrations, special occasions and just for any time, so it's a great idea to keep a list of some of the dessert recipes that you have been meaning to try around so you can cross them off of your list as you go along. No one in your family would be complaining about having to taste test multiple different desserts after all! It is a form of creativity to work in the kitchen creating meals or desserts, and it can be a great outlet for anyone's creative side.

So onto the amazing Snickers Cheesecake Bites recipe! Who doesn't love Snickers chocolate bars? They are advertised as the chocolate bar that will satisfy your hunger, with peanuts, caramel nougat and dipped in chocolate. The Snickers bar was first introduced by Mars company incorporated in 1930, and it has become very popular over the years and still is a well-loved chocolate bar until today. Snickers bars gross two billion dollars in sales each year believe it or not! That is a lot of chocolate bars! The Snickers recipe was marketed in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, and Ireland, as Marathon up until 1990 as well, so it is very well loved all over the world.

When you see these Snickers Cheesecake Bites, you will have no choice but to drool... I mean, come on, these look amazing! Nicky from Kitchen Sanctuary shares that although the recipe only calls for one Snickers bar, she got a pack of nine chocolate bars and was really regretting doing so afterwards. Having that temptation around is hard to handle! She said her husband Chris would often catch her sneaking into the utility room where she keeps her dessert recipe ingredients stash for one of the candy bars, and so he would often partake of them as well! Nicky made these decadent treats for a charity bake sale at school, and I am sure they sold like hot cakes! But she managed to get some drool-worthy photos of these bad boys before they all got devoured.

The process for this recipe is fairly simple, all you need is broken oreo cookies and butter, for the base, which will make a nice, chocolatey crust instead of the graham cracker one we are used to in normal cheesecake. The filling is pretty much your typical cheesecake recipe with the full fat cream cheese, go all the way for this recipe, double heavy cream, vanilla, confectioners sugar - which I am pretty sure is just normal sugar but that is what they call it in the United Kingdom, and last but not least, the peanut butter. You make the individual snickers cheesecakes by using individual tins in a muffin pan, so they each have their own little case. There really is no baking involved in this recipe that is another plus, and the whole process of putting everything together only takes about twenty minutes! Perfect! Once the little cakes have chilled after preparing, the tops are dressed with a chopped up snickers bar and some melted chocolate... Wow... that is one epic dessert recipe! Why not try it out sometime soon?

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