Snickers Icebox Cake

Got a birthday coming up, or a baby shower, or an anniversary? Need a good recipe to celebrate with? Well then you might want to check out this one for Snickers Icebox Cake! It’s a crowd pleaser that will see you crowned as Queen of the Celebration Cakes. There are so many amazing cake recipes out there these days, and it seems like new ones are being invented and made up all the time. You could probably try a new cake every week and still not even get through them all in a year even. That would be very time consuming, although tasty and fun, and the kids would sure love it. But you would probably get really sick and tired of cake pretty quick. That is why it's nice to just have things like this every once in a while, you look forward to it. And you can always pick out your favourite recipes and try them out at birthdays and special occasions or just for fun once in a while.

Snickers Bars are old favourites jam packed with memories of childhood adventures. Mom always packed a few in the car when we went on long road trips, and they always somehow made it to the cottage for those warm summer evenings by the beach fire. We used to melt them to make S’mores and thought we were pretty smart, but whoever thought of turning them into an ice cream cake is beyond ingenious. Another wonderful thing about this cake? It’s totally no-bake! This is a wonderful recipe for any time of the year, but for the summer time it is particularly good because you don’t even have to turn the oven on. Who wants to do that on a super sweltering hot day. You can stay cool and eat ice cream cake – Snickers Ice Cream Cake, that is. Yay! What a great idea and a great recipe. This would be an awesome recipe that kids would really love and just devour!

This recipe comes to us from Heather over at the “Sugar Dish Me” blog. Heather’s been cooking since she was a kid. One day her Mom just gave her a cookbook and said “If you can read, you can cook.” Sounds a little harsh, but that made perfect sense to Heather then, and it still does now. She’s grateful to her Mom for being such a major influence behind her greatest passion – cooking! Heather’s married to Chad and they have two boys, Andrew and Evan. Her family’s constantly testing out her latest recipes. Aren’t they lucky? We sure would love to test out a cake like this one. And seeing how we don’t live with Heather, we’re gonna have to do it all by ourselves! You have to try out this awesome recipe and maybe even some of the other ones that Heather has posted up on her awesome website. Make sure you save this link, so you can refer to it anytime! Want the full recipe for Snickers Icebox Cake? Then head on over to the “Sugar Dish Me” website by following the link in the description below!

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