Snickers Layer Cake

This Snickers layer cake recipe is a candy lover's perfect cake recipe. With layers of chocolate, caramel and peanut butter nougat frosting combined into an unforgettable dessert recipe. There are a few layers in this delicious cake recipe. You have the cake recipe, the caramel recipe, poured chocolate frosting recipe and the peanut nougat frosting recipe for one incredible cake! For the cake recipe, you will need granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, Hershey's cocoa powder, salt and eggs. You will also need whole milk, vegetable oil and pure vanilla extract. For the peanut nougat frosting, you will need slightly softened butter, peanut butter, whipping cream, whipping cream, vanilla extract, marshmallow cream and powdered sugar. For the caramel recipe, you will need caramel bits and heavy cream. For the poured chocolate frosting recipe you will need salted butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, milk, and powdered sugar. You will also need peanuts and chopped Snickers bars for garnishing the cake.

To make the peanut butter nougat recipe you will need to beat the butter, peanut butter, whipping cream, and vanilla on medium-low speed. Then you will add the marshmallow cream and beat on medium speed until smooth. Then slowly beat in the powdered sugar until just barely mixed. Then increase the speed on the mixer to high and beat for approximately one minute, until fluffy. Then place one cake layer on a plate and top with half of the frosting. Then top with another cake layer and repeat, topping with the last cake. Place in the cake in the refrigerator as you prepare caramel and chocolate.

To prepare the caramel recipe in a microwave safe bowl, heat the caramel and cream, stopping to stir about every 30 seconds until smooth. Then pour the caramel over the top center of the cake, spreading to the edges and letting it drip down the sides. Then put back into the refrigerator. To make the poured chocolate frosting recipe melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Then whisk in the cocoa powder and milk until the mixture thickens and begins to boil. Then pour the chocolate frosting over the top center of the cake, spreading to the edges and letting the excess drip down the sides. Garnish the cake with chopped Snickers candy bars and peanuts.

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