So, You Overcooked Your Pasta. Here's How to Fix It.

Kitchen fixes for you to try out at home, here is the Pasta Fix: What To Do When You Overcook Your Noodles. Try out this tip on your dinner ideas with pasta. We have all been there, you get multitasking in the kitchen, cooking all of the items for your recipe in the kitchen, and you forgot to set a timer for your pasta. A minute or two too long, and your pasta will probably be too soggy to enjoy. There is a fine line with certain foods and recipes, and once certain foods cross that line they become inedible unfortunately, but what if there was something that could be done to salvage the food you thought was wasted? The good news is that there is something you can do and it is all in this article over at Huffpost Taste. Making your easy pasta meals enjoyable.

Pasta usually has a cook time of around eight to ten minutes, depending on how you like it. Some people prefer their pasta to be cooked al dente, which is when the pasta reaches that perfect state of being neither too soft or too hard. It still has a little bit of hardness to it, but it doesn't at all feel undercooked, and it hasn't reached that point when it is practically disintegrating into mush, which no one likes. Apparently the glycemic levels of over cooked pastas go way up too, which isn't good for your blood sugar levels, so it is great if you can time your pasta and check it often for doneness. There are different ways people have come up with to test if your pasta is done, some people are ok with simply taking a piece out and trying it and seeing if it needs a minute or two more to cook. There is a fun way to check your pasta for doneness, which works for noodles like spaghetti and linguini, you take one of the noodles out of the boiling water and throw it onto your cupboards, if it sticks, the pasta is done. There is no scientific proof of if this is a proven method or not, but it does seem to work most of the time.

There are so many dinner ideas with pasta as an ingredient. You can make so many amazing recipes out of pasta, like a simple spaghetti and meatballs recipe, or a pasta primavera recipe, there is also lasagna recipes that are really easy pasta meals where you can just layer the pasta noodles, vegetables and cheese to make a lovely casserole dish. Pasta dishes go back to 1154 in Sicily, Italy when they were first officially mentioned. But pasta actually goes back even further than that to the first century AD, when fried, flat dough was a main staple in people's diets. Pasta noodles went from being more like lasagne noodles to being made into different shapes and sizes and thickness. Essentially pasta is made out of durum flour mixed with water and eggs. These days you can purchase pre made pasta at the grocery store, in dried form or in softer form. The softer fresher pastas only need to cook for three or four minutes as opposed to the eight minutes dried pastas take to cook.

So if you are looking to make some dinner ideas with pasta it would be good to know this trick for if you happen to overcook your pasta noodles by mistake. All kitchen blunders can be saved quite easily with a little creativity. Easy pasta meals are a great addition to any weekly menu. Thank you to Huffpost Taste for this great tip on What To Do When You Overcook Your Noodles. Check out more of their awesome articles on their website. *

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