Something Delicious This Way Comes! Oh Look, It’s A Gyro Sandwich…

Looking for something simple yet yummy to make with the leftovers in the fridge? Then why not check out this Gyro Sandwich recipe? If you don’t have any meat to stuff it with, no worries. You can use veggies too!

Gyro sandwiches first originated in ancient Greece. The word “gyro” actually means “to turn”, and that’s exactly how gyro meat is cooked – on a vertical spit that constantly turns the meat over a heat source or broiler. This way of cooking the meat makes the outside crisp while keeping the inside moist. The meat itself - lamb, beef, or chicken - is often peppered and spiced, and once it’s cooked, it is then shaved off vertically in thin slices. The traditional gyro sandwich was served in pita bread with onion, lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, and yogurt-based tzatziki sauce. The tzatziki sauce recipe includes peeled and diced English cucumber, some Greek yoghurt, minced garlic, chopped dill (fresh or frozen), fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

This little recipe over at the My Fridge Food is a wee bit different, but every bit as tasty – perhaps even tastier, depending on what you’ve got in your fridge. What we love about this website is that it actually helps you cook dinner depending on what the contents of your refrigerator are. There’s even a calculator on the home page where you can list off all of your ingredients, and figure out what recipes you can actually make with them. This is very handy and very helpful if you’re starving and don’t have a lot of food available!

And what do you need for your gyro sandwiches? Well, make sure you have some kind of flat bread – pita works well, but Naan is great, and tortilla will work too! Spices like cumin, coriander, and cinnamon will come in very handy as well.

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