Sorry Dunkin Im Never Buying Doughnuts Again After Seeing This

If you love donuts, than you are sure to love being able to make them at home with this recipe! And then once you make this recipe, you can say "Sorry Dunkin Im Never Buying Doughnuts Again After Seeing This!" Because now you can make your very own, home made donuts in your very own kitchen! The One Pot Chef, shows us how possible it is to make these nice little treats for even less than you can get them at a donut shop! Donuts make in the bakery can be expensive and filled with other ingredients to keep them fresh longer, meaning preservatives and other stuff that isn't very good for us. So making yours at home is a good way to go if you want to eat chemical free. This awesome video, shows the One Pot Chef, making these lovely little donuts. He seems like a really fun guy and has tons of other great recipes that he makes right in the comfort of his own kitchen. Showing everyone that it is so possible to make each and every recipe he makes, in their own homes. He makes them look and sound so delicious, you will be running to the kitchen just to try and make them! They are super easy to make too, which is another reason why you won't be needing a donut shop any more!

The donuts are so simple to make. You will wonder why you ever bought any donuts at the store before! These donuts look so good, and are full of blueberries and they also look very moist and soft! There is some yogurt mixed into the batter, which helps to keep them nice and fluffy and moist, and not dry at all, like some other donut recipes tend to after they have been baked. He even uses a special donut pan that has the centre part in it so you get the perfect donut ring with a hole in it. I didn't even know something like that existed! A very good invention though, for this type of baking. When people usually make them, they just use a smaller dough cutter to cut out the centre, and then they form all of the centres into little dough balls to make yummy little donut hole treats! I love these too, because then you can have a couple of a variety of different flavours!

Donuts have been an American favourite for a very long time, its not certain where exactly they originated from, but, they may have been invented by Dutch settlers in the 19th century, they called them oil cakes or oliekoek in dutch. They were recorded in a cook book in the 19th century from America and had the same shape and form that we know and love today. They are enjoyed all over the world, and there are many different well known donut shops in each country or region. Try out this awesome donut recipe soon! You can even try out making different flavours too, like strawberry, apple, and more! Head over to 'One Pot Chef's' You Tube channel for more by following the link in the section below!

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