Space Saving Fold Down Picnic Table

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time with friends and family is sharing a meal. Memories are made around the dinner table. There is real joy when the weather is good enough to eat outdoors. It is refreshing to be outside, and it is something the whole family will enjoy. Taking your children to a park or simply doing it in your backyard will already create a bonding experience for the whole family. Do you have a picnic table yet at your house? For those with a big yard the size of the picnic table does not matter but if you only have limited space we want to share with you this DIY space saving fold down picnic table idea.

There is no doubt that it is a little bit harder to serve a meal on a picnic blanket on the ground. Having a flat surface and a place to sit is going to make serving and eating the meal easier. If you have only a small area that would be available for a picnic table, then you can build a fold down picnic table. This table with benches gets mounted on a wall and folded up when not in use. This style of table may be just the thing so that you can have your own picnic table. It also looks attractive when it is folded up against the wall and not in use. The design looks great up and down! Very clever.

It has a sturdy design, strong enough to hold your food and able to seat several people on the built in benches.

We are sure that you intrigued about this unique table so if you want to find out more about it, check out the photos on the' DIY Cozy Homes' website below. See how this table's design can work in your small space.

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