SpaceX to fly two space tourists around the moon in 2018

SpaceX, the ambitious rocket-ship company, dared to dream. My mom always says that you cannot achieve anything if your worry about failure is larger than your motivation or effort or to reach your goal. If what she says is true, then failure is not something on the minds of those behind SpaceX because it just keeps advancing at a pace most cannot believe. Elon Musk, Founder, and CEO of SpaceX does not view himself as an entrepreneur but as an inventor and engineer. Musk is known to be very driven. I believe it is his intense desire to actualize his vision, and yes, even to make his boyhood dreams reality that has propelled SpaceX's into the stratosphere; Musk appears not to have economic practicality at the center of his decisions.

Elon Musk's courage to attempt what many people have said was impossible has been a gift to a generation of children who prior missed out on some of the last great series of aeronautic advancements. SpaceX provides the opportunity for the Public to witness attempts to make the extraordinary happen. The fact that SpaceX is trying the unattempted and there is no assure the effort will be successful makes it all the more fascinating; their future goals space travel. SpaceX has allowed kids to see space travel and exploration in a new light; to see it not for what it has been or even for what it is today but, more importantly, for what it could (and I think will) be in the future. Musk's achievements have allowed a whole new generation of children to dream of the possibilities and their place amidst them.

Two people, whose identities are being withheld, approached SpaceX with the target to secure themselves not just a trip into space but a weeklong trip taking them around the moon. I do not know how they succeeded. Was it their passion? Perhaps it was a personal appeal that touched Mr. Musk in some way? Or was it simply an offer for an incredible amount of money? Whatever it was it worked! During a recent telephone news conference

Mr. Musk announced the trip is to take place in late 2018. The vessel being used is known as “Falcon Heavy”. At the top of Falcon Heavy sits a capsule they call The Dragon. The Dragon is where the passengers will be seated. Once Falcon Heavy reaches space it releases the Dragon; from then on it is in this capsule the first two private citizen passengers of SpaceX will orbiting the moon. Before the two people can fly safely, they must undergo the same sort of hardcore training astronauts do because they must be acclimated to the zero-g environment.

While this trip is appearing to be within the technical abilities of SpaceX, the professionals in the business are wondering if they could pull off the trip around the moon. Elon Musk said, “Meeting deadlines" are not SpaceX’s greatest strength, as stated in other articles. The Space X team is not yet ready to make this trip, but Musk has said they will be. If this trip is successful, then the whole company is going to explode (not literally).

Now, think about kids in the future if this trip is successful. Space X success will be the most significant event for children of my generation since the first African American president (huge deal). Think of the profound experiences this type of space travel would offer the world's populace -- seeing our existence from a perspective so different it is almost incomprehensible, traveling to Mars, working towards colonizing Mars, revisiting the moon equipped with today's technology. Heck, I would settle for just floating in zero-g relaxing, listening to some Beethoven!

While the American government shelved NASA, Obama said: “There are more important things to fund rather than NASA.” SpaceX was born from fire a.k.a. Elon Musk's passion.

Writen by Callum M. Johnson (10 years old)

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