Spanish Artist Plays With Fruit To Make Funny Pictures

Spanish artist Sandra Suárez takes “playing with your food” to a whole new level, and she particularly adores playing with fruit! Just check out these photos of her work. We’re not sure if we’d like to eat all of them, but they sure are fun and fascinating to look at. She is a prolific artist and regularly shares her latest creations on Instagram to keep her devoted followers up to date.

Sandra Suárez is creative in a most child-like way; she gets us looking at fruit in a way we’d never even dreamed of before. Take her Snail, for instance, crafted from a banana and an apple. So simple, yet so refreshing. Or how about turning a pear into a Russian doll? There are also lemon minions, green apple turtles (one of our favourites) and orange crabs!

We wonder if there’s a particular reason why Sandra Suárez chose a passion fruit for Homer Simpson? Does she perhaps have a secret crush on this famous cartoon character? Who ever would have thought of turning kiwis into little birds? We know there are kiwi birds in Australia but these ones are a lot cuter! And there’s even a Mr. Kiwi to keep the birds company.

Sandra Suárez must be a fan of popular culture because in addition to Homer, there’s also Pokemons, a watermelon Burt from Sesame Street, and Wazowski made out of another green apple! Andy Warhol would have loved Sandra Suárez.

She also turned a flattened orange into a beautiful orange fish, a banana into a watermelon, and a mini watermelon into planet Earth. We can’t wait to see what Sandra Suárez dreams up next!

Sandra Suárez was also the creator of the 365 Masks Project, where she made one mask every day for a whole year.

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