Hey there! You might be looking for a perfect place to celebrate your birthday. “Yes, I want somewhere new this time. I want to spend my natal day in a peaceful and amazing location. You know a place?” *hugs* Dude, you just asked the right person. Have you been to the Baumgeflüster Tree House Resort? “Not yet, bro. I can't even pronounce the name.” It’s alright. We've been there. *hugs again* Anyway, this tree house resort will give you the best birthday you want. *silence* “I’m thinking about it. Want to tell me more about this tree house resort?” My pleasure! *winks*

The Baumgeflüster Tree house Resort is located in Bad Zwischenahn, Ammerland in Lower Saxony, Germany. This tree house hotel has the style, elegance, and uniqueness, thus, making it one of the 40 most beautiful new hotels in Germany, and has been published in different magazines in Spain, Switzerland, and Moskau. The tree house can be spacious and small at the same time: spacious to accommodate your family or friends, and small enough for yourself. This treehouse is available for many occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, and Christmas! “That would be awesome. But what about the food if we are going to celebrate birthdays or wedding days in this tree house hotel?” No worries, my friend. This treehouse hotel offers catering services for all houses! “Is there a common room?” Not yet. But the resort will provide a common room soon. *winks* “Tell me what’s inside the tree houses.” Well, it has a living room with expandable and high quality couch beds, a designer table with four chairs, and a full cooking pantry; a designer bathroom with water closet, hair dryer, spacious shower with cold and warm water; and lastly, a bedroom with high quality mattresses, and bed linens made of Egyptian cotton. “What can I see outside?” You can see a beautiful forest and a forest path, and a picnic site with wooden chairs. Plus an activity barn where you can play table football and table tennis. It also has a football field and apple plantation.

“Wow!” See? I told you. You want the ‘peaceful and amazing’ birthday, right? Bro, THIS is the place. *winks* If you want to see more photos, just click on Small House Bliss’ website below.

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