Speedy Lasagna

Have you ever made a lasagna ? If you have then you know how daunting of a task it can be to prepare the tedious meal, and then needing to wait for it to cook before finally getting to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Well here's a recipe for a speedy lasagna for those nights when you're in hurry and would rather not wait the hours that it would normally take for a basic recipe. This speedy lasagna is surprisingly like regular lasagnas, however there is one key distinction... there's no oven involved in the process at all. You might be thinking, "Hold on a second, no oven?" Can you imagine making a lasagna without an oven? It seems next to impossible doesn't it, and even I thought it was too good to be true before I read this recipe for a speedy lasagna. Now you may have guessed what the alternative cooking option is by now, and if you guessed a microwave then you are totally right. This lasagna recipe calls for a 40 minute cook time in your microwave oven. Now I don't know if it's quite as satisfying and delicious as a traditional lasagna recipe, to be honest I have yet to try it, but I'm certainly interested in finding out.

The lasagna noodle was one of the very first types of noodle to be eaten as pasta and originated in Naples. But, even long before that, it came from Ancient Greece, where people would use the dough to make unleavened breads and then the name of a pot or a dish which the food was cooked in. Not until later, it became the dish we all now know and love, and took on the name of the dish that it was cooked in. The Romans took the dish as their own and used the Greek word, lasana, meaning pot or chambered pot. Lasagne is made buy layering layer upon layer of vegetables, cheeses, meat and, of course, the lasagne noodles. Now, there are so many different variations of the dish, including a Tex Mex version, and seafood version. There are now even dessert versions with chocolate and whipped cream in them. So as you can see, lasagne is a very popular food all over the world and not just in Italy. This version of the recipe is a great, quick alternative.

It's gotten quite a few rave reviews on the "My Recipes" website, and with only 8 ingredients, it's about as simple as it gets. If you don't have a family to cook for you can also adapt this recipe to suit one or two servings instead of the original 6. Just make recipe and use a couple of small ceramic dish bowls for a one person serving and voila! A perfect romantic supper just waiting to be enjoyed with a nice glass of red wine and your significant other. Or maybe you're rocking dinner solo, and you just need a portion for one. Either way, this speedy lasagna warrants a try no matter how many people your cooking for. Go ahead and try it out for yourself, I know you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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