Spicy Sausage Stuffed Bread

Every now and then I get an intense craving for carbs. When these cravings hit, my go-to is bread. I especially love French loaves, crusty rolls, and homemade white bread. I find all of these to be so comforting. But then I’m left with the decision as to what seemingly endless combination of what condiments or meats or cheeses to add as toppings. This Spicy Sausage Stuffed Bread makes my decisions so much easier, and it’s an incredibly easy stuffed bread recipe to create as well as an absolutely delicious and creative snack idea!

The two main ingredients in this stuffed bread snack recipe are bread dough and sausage. Now, you could get extremely fancy and make your dough and prepare your sausage, but I did mention this stuffed bread recipe is incredibly easy. For this bread recipe, simply purchase your favorite frozen bread dough at the supermarket and allow it to thaw (one of my favorites is French bread and this particular stuffed bread recipe also utilizes frozen French bread dough). As for the sausage, pick up a pound of your favorite ground sausage while you’re buying the bread dough (I prefer pork sausage, but the type is completely up to you)!

If you’re unfamiliar with sausage, it is basically just a food made from ground meat – such as pork, beef or veal – and usually includes salt, various spices, and breadcrumbs. Formed sausages come in a skin or casing, which is traditionally made from intestine but is sometimes synthetic. While you can purchase formed sausages and cut them out of their casings, I would suggest the easier route, which is just to buy ground sausage. Sausage making began as a food preservation technique, an outcome of efficient butchery, and may still be preserved through curing, drying, smoking or freezing. Luckily sausages have advanced over the years, and there is now a huge range of sausages, varying based on nation and even region, which differ by the meats used, their manner of preparation, their flavoring, and spicing ingredients.

Speaking of flavoring, for this sausage stuffed bread recipe you will need a white onion, a bell pepper, and Cajun seasoning. I would like to note, however, that this stuffed bread recipe comes down to preference, and you can add whatever variety of herbs and spices you prefer – such as fresh garlic or even garlic or onion powders – and if you don’t like things spicy, add less Cajun seasoning or none at all. This is a stuffed bread recipe that is fun to play around with – you can cook it the same time and time again or make it ‘new’ each and every time. Aside from these spices, you will also need shredded cheese (I prefer a sharp cheddar, but again, choose your favorite cheese), as well as an egg and melted butter (for brushing the top of the bread to create a crispier crust).

First you will want to brown your sausage and then use the drippings to fry the onions, peppers and whatever else you may wish to add. Add your sausage back to the pain, season and drain. Roll out your bread dough flat, spread the melted butter, cheese, and cooked sausage mixture, roll it up and place it into a bundt pan (tip: use cooking spray to keep the bread from sticking). Brush the top with egg wash, bake for 20 minutes at 350F, slice, and serve! You could serve this delicious stuffed bread recipe with or without a dipping sauce (I like it with ranch and marinara).

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