Spotters Seen ‘Reptilian Shape-Shifting Alien Ship’ Over Russia

Many unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings tend to be hoaxes. Often these sightings are products of our imagination, which are highly explainable, or the reports are too incredible to be true. Common UFO sightings include triangular-shaped flying objects, strange lights, and shadows of humanoid or alien-like creatures. In Russia, yet another UFO sighting has been added to the long list after Spotters Seen ‘Reptilian Shape-Shifting Alien Ship’ Over Russia.

Russians are no strangers to UFO and alien sightings. Some of the significant alleged sightings of UFOs in Russia include the Tunguska even of 1908 (which was considered to be the explosion of a comet, rather than a UFO explosion), The Petrozavodsk phenomenon in 1977 (a series of celestial events of disputed nature, where a glowing object that showered the city with numerous rays was widely reported), the Height 611 UFO incident in 1986 (supposedly a UFO crash in Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, witnesses claimed to have seen a reddish ball half the size of the moon, flying parallel to the ground and crashing into a hill), the Voronezh UFO incident in 1989 (a group of children and civil servants claimed to have seen a small ball which morphed into a disc, and a three-eyed alien which exited the craft), and more recently a crashed titanium object described as a ‘UFO fragment’ which was retrieved from a forest in the vicinity of Otradnensky, a Siberian village. Now, in 2015, there is a ‘Reptilian Shape-Shifting Alien Ship’ flying over Russia. (They drink a lot of vodka there, right?)

A reptilian (also called reptoid, saurian or draconian) is a purported reptilian humanoid and play a prominent role in fantasy, science fiction, ufology and conspiracy theories. The idea of repitilians on Earth was popularized by conspiracy theorist David Icke who claims shape-shifting reptilian aliens control Earth by taking on human form and then gain political power in order to manipulate our societies. Icke has been known to claim on multiple occasions that many of the world leaders are, or are possessed by, reptilians. (Hmm, that would explain a lot… if it were true.) A lot of alien abduction narratives allege contact with reptilian creatures. One of the earliest reports was from police officer Herbert Schirmer in Nebraska, who claims to have been taken aboard a UFO in 1967 by humanoid beings with a reptilian appearance. According to Icke, these 5 to 12 feet tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids hide in underground bases and are a force behind worldwide conspiracy against humanity. (Oh, the horror!)

Caught on camera, this ‘reptilian’ alien spacecraft object broke through the clouds and shape-shifted in the sky. ET believers view this footage as irrefutable proof that there is a strange alien creature visiting Earth (I hope it stays in Russia!). Many descriptions of the object immediately surfaced on the internet and explanations for its existence started just as quickly. Some viewed the craft as reptilian while others claimed it was merely a video edited through computer graphics. One gentleman claimed it was merely Batman (which is almost as believable as a reptilian spacecraft, no?). After viewing this video, I’ll let you decide. Alien spacecraft or just a bit of internet trickery?

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