Steak Tips With Caramelized Onions

Looking for a recipe to cook on your family's special day? Can't get enough of steaks? Would you like to try something new? Whatever your reason is, This recipe is worth trying. Here are Steak tips with Caramelized onions. Preparation time is 8 hours. Wow! That long? Why? Because you need to put some marinade on the steak. The longer you soak the meat in the marinade, the better the flavor and texture will be in the steak! What is Marinade anyway? Marinade is a cooking term where you put a special sauce mixture and soaked the meat in it. This gives a tasty flavor in the beef when it is cooked. Sounds interesting!

A marinade won't be complete without the sauces. For this recipe, you use Worcestershire sauce and A1 sauce. Here are some interesting facts on these sauces. Worcestershire or Worcester is a fermented liquid condiment of a complex mixture of British origin. This is popularized by Lea and Perrins based on an older Greco- Roman sauce. A1 sauce is formerly known as A1 steak sauce. This is a brand of steak sauce owned by Kraft foods. It has been marketed in the US since early 1960s for use as a condiment for meat.

You can choose between the sirloin and rib eye as the meat. Sirloin is a steak cut from the back while the rib eye is from the rib section. Don't forget our caramelized onions. These add the finishing touches on our mouth watering steak recipe. Caramelized is a cooking process where the result is a nutty flavor and brown color.

Total cooking time is 6 minutes, but this will depend on your meat. The thicker the steak is, the longer the cooking time. Just remember, Meat is best eaten when it is tender.

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