Stampede of the Wild Horses

The photo: Stampede of the Wild Horses, brilliantly shows off how horses have such a vast array of sizes, shapes and colors. However, there are fewer groups of wild horses left roaming freely in the world and steps have been made to preserve these majestic creatures. From rare and exotic breeds to prehistoric bloodlines and endangered breeds, there are horses to please anyone that reads about them. The largest horses are usually Shires and Clydesdales, which are draught horses and bred to pull heavy loads like a plow or cart. Next there are miniature horses like Falabella's and the Newfoundland ponies, with some being the size of a medium sized dog. There are even golden horses from Turkmenistan and many places across the globe have endangered horses on their crests, flags or seals. The golden horse is a horse called Akhal-Teke (and are older than the Arabians) and they have a distinctive metallic sheer to their coat that is produced by the transparent hair that is grown in the coat of this breed. They are known for their speed and are comparable to the greyhound in the horse world.

Most rare breeds were royal breeding lines originally bred from colonial stock, and some breeds like Appaloosa spotted horses come from prehistoric blood lines. These rare horse breeds should be protected as unfortunately, there are only 400 of the Newfoundland Ponies in the world. There was a time when horses roamed freely across many nations and some horses are imperative to the functions of grassy marshlands as they can feed and redistribute grass seed across the marshlands they inhabit. The photo at the following link shows majestic horses galloping across as dusty path, nestled between the mountains of Yellowstone National Park.

It is a great source or inspiration to learn about these creatures and the necessity of preserving these beautiful breeds. Don't forget to visit Stuck in Customs via the link below!

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