Step By Step Guide To Building A Privacy Planter

The planter casing is built of rot resistance wood and clad with country red cedar. This type of wood is resistant to deterioration. In addition to that, the casters allow you to roll the screen around a courtyard, veranda or deck so that you can cover yourself from the neighbours when you sit. I am pretty sure they will take a peek at the beautiful privacy planter on your backyard.

1. Build the front and back of the planter

Cut all the pressure-treated 2x4s according to your preferred sizes. You should fixed the front and back frame into an H shape.

2. Build the ends of the frame

On your workbench, assemble the parts with the ends of the short board to the long ones. Create pilot holes through the short boards and into the long ones.

3. Assemble the parts

Lock the frame on your workbench tightly and square to it. Drill holes on the front and into the end. Then, fasten the parts together using 2 inch screws.

4. Put the base plates

Create three pieces of base plates. Put back the pieces from the edge of the frame by inch. Drill holes and join the base plates using 2 inch deck screws.

5. Set up the casters

Install the caster on the end of the base plates, there should be four mounting holes. Then flip the frame upright.

6. Cut and install the floorboards

Cut the length into ten pieces using miter saw. Make sure the floorboards you cut fits the shy of the edge of the framing and permit it to expand and contract. When place the floorboards, make sure to set about spacing in order to allow drainage. Then, secure the frames with deck screws.

7. Install the planter boards

Start from the top front and all the way around it. Drill holes in order to secure the boards using stainless steel screws.

8. Install the planks

Place the planks between the legs of the planter, drill holes and secure the planks using 2 inch screws.

9. Attach the top

Place the piece on top of the trellis panes. Drill holes and secure it to the top 1x6 plank with screws.

10. Bolt the trellis to the planter and install the front cap

Drill holes and secure the cap using trimmed-head screws and tighten it using a socket wrench. Afterward, place the front cap using trimmed-head screws. Cover the planter with teak oil and wait until it is dry. You can now plant your favorite shrubs.

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