Stovetop Chicken Stew and Soft Dumplings

So this is a classic meal. Grandmothers have been whipping up chicken and dumplings for decades. These bite-sized dumplings are cooked when added to the chicken stew broth, so they are a boiled version. Have you ever really thought about how many types of dumplings there are in the world? According to Wikipedia, a dumpling is a food that consists of small pieces of dough. It can stand alone or it can be wrapped around a savory or sweet filling. They can be baked, fried, boiled, simmered and steamed. They can be sweet or savory. You can eat them on their own or you can serve them with soups and stews. They are beloved with milk and meat gravies.

As far as what countries in the world do dumplings, well, you will find in British and Irish cuisine, dumplings are made of 2 parts flour to one part suet. The doughs can be flavored with herbs and cheese. Perfect for those Irish stews. Italians are famous for tortellini ad ravioli. Both are soft dough pockets that get filled with various fillings like cheese,meat,seafood,spinach and mushrooms. They are boiled and served as stand alone's. European dumplings are flour dumplings make with eggs and flour and are generally boiled. They can also be made using soft boiled potatoes that can made into the dough. There are knodels, pierogi, varenyky, and pelmeni to name a few. The Middle Eastern cuisine make a mani, which is a meat filled dumpling that is typically served with sour cream or yogurt. Latin Americans make empanadas, the Brazilian's make bolinhas de carne with are fried dumplings filled with chicken, pork and beef mixtures, olives, onions and spices. The Asians make a jiaozi, which ususally has minced meat and finely chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin piece of dough skin.

The wonton is well loved and popular in North America. So you see there are so many types of dumplings. Lets visit Grandmothers Kitchen website listed below to find the recipe and instructions for the tasty looking stovetop chicken stew and soft dumplings.

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