Strangely Awesome Laptop Stove Lets You Cook and Find Recipes Online at the Same Time

Wow, of all the things you never knew you needed, but definitely should have, this has got to be one of the weirdest! Imagine cooking dinner ON your laptop while looking up recipes on it at the same time. Or doing anything on the web while you’re cooking up a storm, for that matter! Who the heck comes up with these bizarre and strangely amazing things anyway?

Well, in this case, it’s an industrial designer who calls Macedonia home, and his name is – wait for it… Dragan Trenchevski. Yes, that’s right, DRAGAN. We think it’s a pretty darned cool name, and apparently the original writer of this article – David Kiefaber – thinks so too.

At any rate, Dragan has designed this brilliant prototype for an Electrolux Mobile Kitchen (i.e., a laptop with a built-in hot plate), so you can take your kitchen on the road. Forgot the recipe? No problem! We’ll just look it up online.

That’s the simple description and the part that’s getting the most attention! However, it does involve a bit more than that. We’re talking about a touch-screen laptop with a cutting board, a four-tier induction cook top, and a cheese grater! It also comes in a multitude of great colours.

If you had access to Wi-Fi while camping, this novel little gizmo is all you would need for cutting up veggies and simmering some soup while browsing all the best wild herbs you could forage to add to your special recipe. The sky would be the limit with the Mobile Kitchen! You could even take it to school and make tea for all of your classmates while working on your research paper at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

To read more about the Mobile Kitchen and to see detailed blueprints for its ingenious design, please visit the Ad Week website, below!

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