Strawberry Brownies

Have you ever baked strawberry brownies? Well, you can be sure these are going to tickle your taste buds. This recipe is made using a strawberry cake mix along with other ingredients, and the topping is a tasty cream cheese frosting. A winning combination.

Cake mixes pretty much always call for the use of one or two eggs.

Let's learn a little bit about eggs. Did you know that eggs are considered to be the perfect food? These self-contained wonders are nutritious. The egg is comprised of a yolk and a white. Starting the day off for yourself and your family with an egg is one of the best things you can do. Knowing this perfect food offers great nutritional value and you eat eggs or plan to you may see that there is such a range in the price of eggs and you may wonder why. You can get them under $3.00 a dozen right up to over $7.00 a dozen. What is the difference?

Egg grade is one of the factors. There are two grades of eggs: AA and A. We can barely distinguish this and either grade is OK.

Egg size is based on how much volume is in the egg. Most recipes use large eggs so you can be pretty certain the baking should turn out if you use a large size egg.

Egg shell color does not matter as it depends on the breed of the hen.

What does matter is how the chicken lives. The best you can eat are free-range organic eggs. This means they are not fed any antibiotics, hormones, drugs or animal by-products. Their feet also make contact with the ground, meaning they are 'on the range', just like the song, 'Home Home on the Range'. These are the safest most nutritional eggs to eat. This also means they are raised humanely and the get fresh air.

Free run means chickens are raised in cages or 'runs' they do not get any additional benefits in their lives.

Egg's with Omega'3's mean these eggs have more fatty acids that are said to benefit the heart.

With eggs, you pretty much are going to get the quality that you are able and willing to pay for, so it becomes an individual choice what you wish to consume.

Now let's take a look at the wonderful recipe for Strawberry Brownies by visiting the 'Family Savvy' website below.

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