Strawberry Cake from Scratch

Baking a cake from scratch is as easy as can be, especially when you have a great recipe like this Strawberry Cake from Scratch recipe. This recipe comes to us from the Cooking at Home Facebook page, which you can check out for yourself. Make sure you give them a 'Like' as well, so you can get their latest and greatest recipes on your Newsfeed. Cake is a dessert that is loved all year round and it is the perfect dessert to make for any occasion. People love the birthday tradition of having cake on their special day, but cake is also a dessert recipe that can be made in so many different ways that it expands beyond just being suitable for birthdays and can be perfect for graduations, baby showers, weddings, going away parties, congratulations, and many more special occasions. Everyone loves one kind of cake or another, and most people tend to have a favourite when it comes to cake recipes. But it is always so fun to try out something new and exciting when making a cake for a special celebration, so maybe for your next celebration you could try out this strawberry cake recipe for everyone to enjoy!

Strawberries are an all time dessert recipe favourite. Their luscious red colour and that tart and sweet flavour are just perfect for a wide variety of recipes. This particular strawberry cake recipe calls for a strawberry puree made from blending frozen strawberries up, as well as strawberry flavoured jello for that added strawberry flavour and for the nice pinkish red hue that it gives the cake. The real strawberries would do that on their own, but the jello just helps to enhance it. The recipe makes two full cakes, so there will definitely be more than enough cake for whatever occasion you make it for. You can also cut the recipe in half and just make one cake too if you don't want to be stuck with all of the left overs. This cake uses many typical cake recipe ingredients, you have your sugar, flour, butter, eggs, baking powder, whole milk, vanilla and the strawberry puree and the strawberry jello mentioned before. The directions are super easy to follow, you just mix all of the ingredients up in a bowl, put them into two cake pans, or one if you cut the recipe in half, and bake them in the oven for twenty five to thirty minutes. You can use the icing that you like best, but I think a nice creamy frosting would taste the best on this kind of cake. The kind you would use on an angel food cake. Or, whipped cream is always a great option too, with more strawberries added on top when serving the cake. That sounds so good!

While strawberry cake is not the most popular kind of cake recipe that gets made, it is a nice change from the usual chocolate or vanilla cake recipes that get used time and time again. This would be the perfect cake recipe to make for a girl's birthday party or a girl's baby shower. Especially if you make the sex of the baby a surprise and use the pink of the cake to reveal that it will be a girl! That would be really cute. So make sure that you share the link with your friends and save this recipe for the future so you can try it out for yourself. And check out more of the great recipes from scratch that are featured on the Cooking At Home Facebook page! You might just find some keepers in there that will become all time favourites in your family. Happy Baking!

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