Strawberry Cake

When summer rolls around there are so many seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy and be inspired by, in dessert recipes, drink recipes, main dish recipes and more. This "Strawberry Cake," recipe is a great way to use some of those seasonal strawberries you've been wanting to use! Strawberries are awesome, and when it's summer, they are abundant and perfectly ripe for the eating. As well as perfect for using in dessert recipes. Of course strawberries are awesome just on their own too. Sometimes people love to have them cut up, and then pour some nice fresh cream over them. I know this was one of my French grandmother's favourite ways to have and serve berries, with a little sprinkle of sugar on them, and then some fresh cream poured over top. It seems to be very popular with the French. Also, when I was in Mexico, I noticed some places were serving the strawberries with cream too! So it just goes to show that people really are not that different after all, especially when it comes to food tastes!

This is a great recipe for anyone who loves strawberries. It was given to Michaela, the writer of this blog, by her friend of over twenty years, Candi, who is also a food blogger. This strawberry recipe was inspired by her Grandmother Mary's strawberry cake, her grandmother made the cake every Sunday, as it was her husbands favorite cake, this cake must be good. This strawberry cake is pretty simple to make, the frosting isn't your usual frosting consistency, it's good to keep in the refrigerator, especially if it's warm outside. The freshly cut strawberries look so nice and pretty on top. The nice bright pink icing is perfect for this cake, with the nice, red strawberries. You'll want to look at the site for full recipes details.

This recipe blog, An Affair from the Heart, is created by Michaela, a stay at home mother of four, who has been married other husband for over two decades. She is a food blogger, dog lover, party thrower, gift giver, and lover of life. She grew up in the city of Omaha, while her husband grew up on a rural farm in Iowa, with that said, they were raised pretty much the same, with an appreciation for family meals eaten together every night, big family get togethers with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, they wanted the same for their children. Michaela has always enjoyed entertaining, and cooking even as a kid. She enjoys the creative outlet that cooking, baking and blogging offers, it also serves as something that they can enjoy together, as she believes family meals bring the family together. If you would like to try out this cake for yourself, then make sure that you check out her blog. You can also make sure that you save the link for this recipe, either book mark it in your browser, or pin it on a board on Pintrest! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to "An Affair from the Heart," site.

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