Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Cookies

If you love cheesecake and you also love cookies, then these Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Cookies, are going to rock your world! This recipe comes to us from the Cookie Named Desire food blog website, from the author Amanda, who developed this cookie cheese cake combo out of her love for both of the desserts. She is certain that you will love them when you make them too, and how couldn't you? I mean just look at them! These would be fabulous to make if you didn't want to make a large sized cheese cake but wanted all of the flavours of one. Or, if you couldn't decide which dessert you wanted, cheesecake or a cookie. These would be awesome for a bake sale for a school funding project, or for giving as presents to people for their birthday or Christmas, wrapped up in a nice little package. Cheesecake is a super popular dessert, so popular that there is even a whole restaurant dedicated to cheesecake! The Cheesecake Factory serves up many different types of cheesecake for people to try, and specializes in the most creative flavours of cheesecake! Cookies are also a very popular dessert choice. For some people it would be hard to choose their very favourite cookie. The chocolate chip cookie came from Ruth Graves Wakefield, who owned the Toll House Inn restaurant. Her recipe was the first published recipe for a chocolate chip cookie, back in the 1930s!

This Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Cookies recipe has a nice graham cracker cookie dough, with white chocolate chips in it, I would even try them with these left out of the dough, just to see what they would be like. Then, on the inside there is a nice, sweet, homemade strawberry jam with cream cheese on the inside. Sounds pretty epic doesn't it? Well Amanda sure thinks they are as epic as they sound. These would be awesome to have around the house for a nice little dessert, or bring them to a party or a dinner. Everyone might think they are just a plain white chocolate chip cookie, but to their surprise there would be the amazing centre of strawberries and cream cheese! What a nice surprise that would be. I love seeing new and amazing dessert recipes like this one, because it is always so fun to introduce people to new things!

Amanda also shares with us a few of her tips and tricks that she has discovered while testing out this recipe. Things like, don't use a white chocolate bar, because it just doesn't bake up the same way the white chocolate chips do in the oven. You can even use whole wheat flour or regular flour in placement of the graham cracker crumbs, if you don't have any on hand, and it still tastes awesome! All in all this recipe sounds like a winner, doesn't it! Try out this recipe, and make sure you save it by bookmarking it, or by pinning it on Pintrest on one of your food or dessert boards! Head over to 'Cookie Named Desire' by following the link in the section below for more!

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