Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie

We all crave a little summer now and then, especially as we are only just beginning to kick the end of the winter season and say hello to spring. So what better time is there to get going on your summer recipe repertoire? Here's a starter for you: Strawberry Lemon Freezer Pie. Incredibly simple, fast, and finger-licking good. A little food processing here, a little electronic mixing there, perhaps a hint of pouring, and voila, you've got a delicious snack that will disappear within seconds of placing it on to a table.

There really isn't a pair that can compare. Strawberries and lemons, come on! It's a snippet of summer in a snack. The refreshing tang of lemon and the tantalizing, juiciness of some strawberries really marries to create a truly wonderful thing.

Picture it now. Sitting on the porch with your family, laughing, probably drinking, and enjoying an amazing pie that quite literally only took minutes to prepare and give up responsibilities and set it in the freezer. Not only will you look like a culinary genius, nay, prodigy, but you'll be the saviour who prepared for summer. This delicious pie is the perfect cure for a long day in the sun, or the answer to a tingling in your sweet tooth. It is no bake, guys. Come on people, there are only so many ways you can screw up a no bake.

The only thing you have to worry about is making it look pretty and it's just making a couple of pretty swirls with a knife and KAPOW, you've made a masterpiece worthy of your own show featured on the Food Network, coupled with a book deal that will catapult you to the stars.

Or, maybe everyone will just really, really, REALLY, like your pies and want to hang out with you more. Just remember to eat it quickly, and not because it can melt (although that is pretty likely to happen) but because someone will steal it off your plate and then where will you be? Heartbroken. But that's okay, you can just make another.

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