Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake

Summer is a wonderful time to cook, its a time when an abundance of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables is available, inspiring a myriad of seasonal favorites. This "Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake," looks lovely and sounds amazing, with season and whole ingredients to make anyone happy.

There is something perfect about this strawberry swirl pound cake recipe, it really does look as amazing as it tastes, what better dessert recipe to serve at holiday dinners and family gatherings, not too sweet and decorated with lots of fresh strawberries, delicious! For this strawberry recipe the cream cheese is added just after beating the butter and sugar, and the cake bakes at a slightly higher temperature than usual. This isn't the only strawberry recipe you will find on this recipe site, along with this lovely strawberry recipe you will also find strawberry waffles with buttered strawberry sauce recipe, strawberry lemonade recipe, strawberry cream cheese cobbler recipe, frozen strawberry crunch cake recipe, strawberry rhubarb freezer jam recipe, wheat berry spinach and strawberry salad and lots more.

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Strawberries are a fruit grown all over the world. The bright red fruit is loved for its juicy texture and sweet amazing taste. Loved fresh or prepared in preserves (jams, jellies), fruit juice, ice cream, salads, sorbets, fruit pies, milkshakes, covered in chocolate, in strawberry shortcake, on top of fruit tarts, in muffins and on and on. The garden variety was first bred in Brittany, France in the 1750's. Before that wild strawberries were the common variety, that can be traced back to the 1300's. One of our family's favorite ways to have strawberries is in a fruit smoothie, where you first juice apples and then blend frozen strawberries and the apple juice till smooth, perfection.

Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and ranked among the top 27 best foods in the United States, and one of the top four fruits. This fragile, perishable and delicate fruit is best eaten fresh, but can be enjoyed all year round frozen for use in smoothies, fruit sauces, pancakes and muffins. Eating strawberries everyday is a good idea to get your fruit servings in, you can eat approximately twelve to twenty strawberries a day to meet your requirements. I know my kids wouldn't mind having fresh strawberries everyday, they can't last in our fridge or on our counter long at all. A great day trip for you and the family during the summer, is to a local u-pick strawberry farm, I can't think of anything more delicious.

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