Stuffed Sicilian Artichokes - Carciofi Ripieni alla Siciliana

Appetizer recipes are an important part of your meal and today you're about to learn to cook one that will surely be loved by your whole family. Our featured recipe for today is the stuffed Sicilian artichokes recipe, also known as Carciofi Ripieni alla Siciliana. It's not that hard to make, but it is a bit tedious because it involves cleaning the artichokes. You will need to remove the vegetables harder outer leaves, cut its stems and even the top part of the leaves before you can stuff it with the bread crumbs mixture. You will learn more about this as you read on. If you love Italian recipes, then this has to be on your list of favorite recipes to try. This recipe comes in handy during parties and other special occasions with your family and friends. Itís a gourmet type of food. The ingredients are easy to find and not too expensive.

You can also watch the step by step recipe video tutorial with Rosella Rago and Nonna Angelina, where you will get all the details for this popular appetizer recipe right from the source. The stuffed Sicilian artichokes recipe is one of the most popular recipes on the Cooking with Nonna website. The artichoke flower buds are the edible part of this plant. It is completely safe to incorporate it in your dish, just make sure to clean it well and that you have followed the instructions carefully on which parts should be removed.

The ingredients you will need for this appetizer recipe include medium sized artichokes, plain bread crumbs, grated Grana Padano or Parmigiano cheese, finely chopped garlic, fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper.

To start the appetizer recipe you will need to clean the artichokes by removing the harder outer leaves and then cutting the stem and the top part of the leaves to remove the thorns.Then wash and drain the artichokes well. In a frying pan put the plain bread crumbs and the finely chopped garlic. Then saute until the plain bread crumbs are lightly golden and then cool off.

Then you can add to the bread crumbs the finely chopped parsley, salt & pepper and some more finely chopped garlic. You can also add the grated cheese and some olive oil. Mix the ingredients until well combined and the oil is evenly absorbed. Then take each of the artichokes and open the leaves as much as you can and insert among the leaves the bread crumb mixture. Then place the artichokes in an baking pan and add some water. Place the baking pan on the stove and cook for approximately 15 minutes. Then finish off the recipe by putting the baking pan in the oven for approximately 15 minutes in a preheated 400 degree Fahrenheit oven.

The Cooking with Nonna recipe site is one of the best places you can go if you are looking for authentic traditional Italian recipes. The site created by Rosella Rago who is also the host of the cooking web series of the same name. Rosella grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and her parents are from Mola, Italy a little fishing village. Rosella grew up learning to cook from her Nonna Roman where she learned all the Italian recipes that were passed down in her family. You will find all sorts of great recipes on the site from appetizer recipes, main dish recipes, Italian dessert recipes, drink recipes, soup recipes and more. You will also enjoy watching the step by step recipe video tutorials that are just like having an Italian grandmother visit to give you a Italian cooking lesson of your own. The short videos are fun to watch and will offer you lots of insight to make the recipe properly.

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