Stuffed Sicilian Artichokes

Are you a fan of artichokes? If yes, you're not alone, and you will be sure to love these stuffed Sicilian artichokes. If you're not, then maybe this recipe will officially convert you to the realm of awesome artichoke appreciation. This often forgotten vegetable is incredibly healthy and beneficial to your heart health. So you might want to consider adding them to your arsenal of delicious foods that are also good for you. If you want a full list of their health benefits, then a quick google search will inform you with plenty of information. Artichokes are fairly easy to find in your local grocery store, you can even grow them in your own garden if you like. They can be found in the produce section of the grocery store, and you can also find them with canned vegetables, and they will be in a jar with some vinegar and oil.

As for the recipe for these stuffed Sicilian artichokes, you can thank the brilliant woman from the "Cooking with Nonna" website. She has a variety of recipes all inspired by her Italian grandmother, from decadent cakes and treats, to sides, and all sorts of main dishes, there is something for everyone here. This recipe would be a great appetizer to prep you for whatever you're having as your main meal, although I don't blame you if you eat enough to have for a dinner itself.

The recipe is quite basic and only requires a few basic ingredients. Get some artichokes, bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese and your half way there. Then add some parsley, good quality olive oil, salt and pepper and presto... your done ! Then all that's left is popping it in the oven. She walks you through all the steps in a nice and easy fashion, so even the worse of cooks will be able to get this to taste perfectly. Don't they look delicious?

So if you've been keeping your eye out for a go to appetizer, or maybe you just see artichokes at your local supermarket and have been wondering how to incorporate them into your families diet, then this recipe is for you. The Cooking with Nonna website was greater by Rossella Rago, who grew up around the cooking of her Italian grandmother, aunts and her own mother. She was always helping in the kitchen wherever and whenever she possibly could, and eventually she developed a passion for Italian cooking. She also was an actress and TV spokes person, so she took her love of being on screen, and combined it with her love for cooking and her desire to share all of the amazing Italian family recipes with the world. So, she created her food blog website Cooking with Nonna! It is such a great site that allows people from all over the world, to share their own Italian recipes that have been passed down from Nonna to all of the family members. What a beautiful website to create in honour of these legendary recipes!

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