Stunning Log Wooden Bench

What a stunning log wooden bench! There are thousands of bench designs out there. There are metal benches and plastic benches. You will find pre-made, and mass produced benches. You can even custom order hand crafted benches, such as this stunning log wood bench for your home or yard. There are endless Do It Yourself plans for those handy with wood working tools. They range from the simplistic for the beginner to the intricate and complex for the more advanced. Do you have an empty spot in your yard that begs for a place to sit and soak in the view beyond? Are you looking to create a spot for quiet contemplation? You can find rustic benches such as the stunning log wooden bench, along with many other wooden benches on 'Landscaping Gallery'. Perhaps you will the perfect bench for your garden, home or yard.

If you are looking for a functional piece that also is sure to be a conversational piece, this stunning log wooden bench is sure to fit the bill! It's 'L' shape makes for a fabulous addition to your nook. It will be perfect in your entryway, allowing guests a place to sit to remove their footwear. It's great for that quiet, secluded corner in your yard where you can sit and relax with a good book and cool glass of iced tea. The warm variations of colors and the soft sweeping wood grain invites a closer look. It is the perfect mixture of rustic and contemporary, country and modern.

This bench is an interesting and inspiring piece. With a slab back and seat, complete with notches and imperfections this piece of furniture is breathtaking. Built on a very solid and sturdy base, it will withstand the tests of time and last for years to come! Check it out on the 'Landscaping Gallery' or by following the link below.

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