Sunrise Breakfast Bowls

Any recipe that doesn't require a lot of clean up is always good thing. This "Sunrise Breakfast Bowls," recipe is just the recipe to try as there are no spoons, spatulas or skillets to clean which makes it the perfect breakfast recipe for kids to make.

Kids love to make this sunrise breakfast bowls recipe, there's no frying, flipping or boiling required. If your kids can crack an egg they have what it takes to make this tasty breakfast. The easy to do recipe only needs a few ingredients such as whole grain bread with crust taken off, eggs, and precooked bacon. To start you want to preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and grease a muffin tin with butter and place one slice of bread into each hole pressing down in the middle. Crack one egg directly onto each slice of bread in the muffin tin. Next you can heat the pricked bacon in the microwave according to the package directions, approximately one minute and place on cooked slice into each egg. This precooked bacon is a great choice when you want to do away with bacon grease, or if you are trying to save time.

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The other women responsible for the recipe site and videos are Natalia Simmons and Noelle Rodriguez. Simmons is an American girl living in France who enjoys working with brands to develop the ideal sponsorship campaign to match each company's needs. Rodriguez studied her craft in Broadcast Journalism at BYU, and is business partner and Director of Media and Public Relations for The Organized Cook, she directs, films and produces all the videos and is responsible for all media relations. She is also a talented photographer and videographer. Some of the recipe videos you will find on this site include how to cut bell peppers, Berry Good Coffee cake video, 12 days of Thansgiving video, sautéed spinach with cranberries, candy apple pork chops video, Father's Day breakfast kids from the Organized Cook Berry Coffee Cake, Dinner In A Pumpkin video and so much more.

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