Super Cool and Amazing Canvas Wardrobe from Sabah DIY

Staying organized is one of those things that can really make a home feel neat and tidy. With the help of this super cool canvas wardrobe from Sabah DIY, you can have a very organized closet without all of the hassle of installing shelves. Of all the projects to do around the home, installing closet shelving can be one of the most difficult jobs. You have to be very precise when you're installing shelving into your closets to make sure that everything fits the way you want it and, most importantly, to make sure that everything is straight and level. Of course there are closet kits that you can install into any closet in your home, but most often this requires you to dig out your power tools and put them to work which can turn into a huge project depending on the size of closet you're working with. Installing shelving can also be a pain if you're renting. You don't want to make huge investments into a place you're not going to live in forever, unless you take the shelving with you when you leave, which can also be a hassle. Your landlords may not enjoy the holes caused by installing shelves into the apartment and may deduct from your damage deposit when you move out.

When it comes to small house design, closet space can also tend to come up a little short as well. So it's important to have different options for free standing storage spaces that don't take up a lot of room. That's where this awesome canvas wardrobe from Sabah DIY comes in. This canvas storage closet would be absolutely perfect for small house living as it has so much great storage for all your clothes and accessories. The best thing is, there is no installation required, just some simple assembly and you can start organizing. Inside the canvas wardrobe there are shelves, boxes and hanging rods for all your clothes so you can fit all of your items perfectly into one space. The material is really nice and high quality, and allows for some breathability so your clothes smell fresh and clean long after you put them away. The nice thing is, you can use one of these all to yourself and get another one for your partner or child, or you can share one with your partner to save even more space. The storage units come in different colors and material patterns, and there's even a curtain that closes to hide the contents of the wardrobe.

It would be so great to have one of these containers, especially if you move around a lot. Instead of having to move a really heavy armoire or dresser, all you have to do is take apart the pieces of the canvas wardrobe and it folds away easily into your car. Then you can just pack your clothes in a suitcase and hang them up when you reassemble it at your new location. When you're looking at a small house design and you're finding out that there's not enough room for you to build a closet, just get one of these instead, they are far more inexpensive too. For only around $17 US you can have one of these awesome clothing wardrobes. They ship from Malaysia to anywhere in the world and you can choose the color that best suits your decor, they have pink, pink polka dot, maroon and leaf. Sabah DIY also has many other items that make small house living much easier and more organized like great shelving and other space saving furniture. Check out more of their products on their Facebook page and on their website.***

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