Super Cool Wooden Ruler Table Top DIY

This a DIY that many of you are really going to love. Remember when yard sticks were offered as giveaways in hardware and paint stores along with other venues. These companies would have the store name and phone number displayed on the ruler. It was that handy-dandy promotional piece that was so useful...back in the day...when everyone had one or more yardsticks in their homes.

I don't know how easy it would be to find the old antique rulers, but if you have them kicking around, this may finally be the way to display them and preserve them in a beautiful manner. You can be certain a tabletop like this will be a source of conversation. Some may even recall the names of the stores on the sticks.

Even if you do not have antique yard sticks you have to agree that this will still look pretty fantastic with any yardsticks and that this one of the coolest DIY projects out there. So often you will see an old and boring table in a home just crying for an upgrade. People often hang on to old pieces as they are passed down, and often the tops are in terrible shape. This could be a wonderful opportunity to transform that piece of furniture that has been shoved away into the corner into a showstopper!

There are not really any instructions for this DIY. You firstly need to collect the yardsticks. Possibly you may find them in the second-hand stores for next to nothing in cost. You would use a good small finishing nails and wood glue to glue them onto the tabletop and a router to cut off excess on the pieces to fit the shape of your top. Painting on a layer of clear stain would certainly bring the piece to life. What do you think? Sounds like fun dosen't it.