Super Easy 4 Ingredient Peach Cobbler

I don't know about you, but anytime a recipe has EASY in the title, I am practically sold on making it, it's great to go all out on desserts and food, but it's also just as great to have a great finished product without all the intense work. Enter the Super Easy 4 Ingredient Peach Cobbler! No need to fuss over a tedious baking routine, this is easy enough to whip up without any extravagant planning, or a big huge mess. Unless you're just naturally a bit messy, like I sometimes can be in the kitchen, which is natural. Either way, it's still a great, easy even for those who consider themselves to be a bit "baking challenged". Peach cobbler is an all time favourite, and cobblers are generally fairly simple to make, but some recipes can take longer than others, just like anything. Cobblers have been a favourite for a very long time and the recipes have been passed down, generation to generation. It's so great that we still enjoy recipes that our grandparents enjoyed!

The author, Jessica, from the Butter With A Side of Bread food blog, goes on to explain how she used to slave over a really labor intensive peach cobbler that tasted amazing, but that she didn't look forward to making, which isn't fun at all. I mean, sometimes, and mostly usually, we don't want to be in a hot kitchen for hours and hours on end, when we can be outside enjoying the sun, or playing with our kids, or doing something else we enjoy, right!? So the author heard about this super easy recipe for peach cobbler and decided to give it a whirl. Well I'm glad she did, and that she decided to share it with everyone on her awesome blog so that we too, can try it out for ourselves. This would be an excellent dessert to bring to any gathering, or just whip up really quickly for an after dinner treat that the whole family could enjoy.

The ingredients to make this super easy four ingredient peach cobbler are peaches, obviously, a box of cake mix, two tablespoons of cinnamon and... get this... a can of lime soda! Yes a can of lime soda, like 7UP or Sprite. The idea is that the can of soda replaces all of the other ingredients that are usually added to the cake mix like an egg and oil or water. That is literally all you need to make this, as well as a tiny bit of your time of course. And when I say tiny, I mean mix it up and them pop it in the oven for an hour, then pull it out and let it sit for 5 mins before enjoying. No mess, no stress, no dishes. Just a super easy 4 ingredient peach cobbler your family will love and think you spent hours making. This would be an awesome recipe to use up peaches from the summer months when they are in season. If you want to check out the full recipe then just click on the link below to get instantly redirected to the "Butter with a Side of Bread" website.

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