Super Easy Lemon 7-Up Cake

Are you scouring the internet for an easy lemon cake recipe? Well you have found one, This Easy Lemon 7-Up Cake is a great recipe to make for any occasion and it may even become one of your go to recipes you make again and again. Cake is a great dessert recipe to make, and a lemon cake recipe is always welcome no matter what time of year it is. Lemon cake is so nice and light in flavour and texture and so many things can be added to a lemon cake to enhance and compliment that lemon flavour. Raspberries are always nice paired with lemon cake, as well as strawberries or blueberries. Of course, just a nice simple glaze is always welcome too. No matter how you dress it up this easy lemon cake recipe is certain to be a hit with whoever you serve it to.

The lemon cake recipe from the Incredible Recipes from Heaven, uses some citrus soda in the cake. To some people it might sound like a strange thing to add soda to a cake recipe, but the soda actually makes the cake extra moist by aerating it with the soda bubble. It also adds some extra flavour and sugar to the cake. This recipe is made from scratch which is so great, since making recipes from scratch are so much fun and the flavour is just so good. This lemon 7-Up cake recipe baked and then it is covered in a tangy delicious icing. The recipe includes your usual cake ingredients like sugar, eggs, flour, lemon juice and then of course the 7-Up. On the Incredible Recipes from Heaven website they bake the cake in a bundt pan which gives the cake a nice doughnut like shape with a hole in the centre. The cake comes out looking nice and yellow and bright especially on the outside. Then, the cake recipe is topped off with a lovely sweet glaze that is made with some powdered sugar, lemon juice and milk stirred together. The glaze looks beautiful drizzled over top of the nice lemon cake.

Lemons are a great citrus fruit that have juice, rind and zest that can be used in a variety of dessert recipes, dinner recipes, lunch recipes and drink recipes. The essential oil collected from the lemon is also used in aromatherapy, made into essential oils that can be used to add scent to room sprays, perfumes and bath products. The scent of a lemon brings about a happy lively energy and can freshen the air of any room. Lemons are also antibacterial, so when they are used in natural cleaning products they help to not only freshen the room, but to tackle grease and bacteria. Lemons also have a low pH level which makes them great for balancing pH levels within our own bodies. In India lemons are used quite often in traditional medicine known as Ayurveda. Drinking a warm glass of water with lemon in it has a very positive effect on your body and your digestive system benefits. Lemon juice is also great to use as a salad dressing or to use on pasta dishes as well. What a versatile fruit with so much to offer. Lemon trees can grown pretty much anywhere, and they can grow inside as well. They may not produce fruit the first year of growth, but they will provide fruit the next year usually. This easy lemon cake recipe would be the perfect recipe to try out with fresh lemons. Thank you to Lisa from Incredible Recipes from Heaven for this awesome easy lemon 7-Up cake recipe that we can all enjoy trying out sometime soon. Make sure you have a look at the other great recipes on this website for more inspiration in the kitchen.*

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