Sweet Bacon Tots

What can be finer than this incredible combination of some of my favorite flavors. This delicious recipe from Mom Spark combines the smokey flavor of bacon, the delectable texture of baked tater tots, and the smallest addition of something sweet and spicy!

Never heard of a tater tot? Taters are slang for potatoes and are found in most freezers of America. These little bites are even found in school cafeterias.

If you are not from North America, you might know these in their other names such as potato pom-poms, oven crunchies, or spud puppies! Whatever you call them, we all probably have the same thought when we bake these bad boys for dinner...and that reaction is ...mmmmm..oh my! These little tots are commonly used in quick and easy casserole dishes and often for fail proof appetizers. The kids love 'em, my husband loves 'em, and if I can ignore the ingredients on the packaging, heck - I love 'em too.

After tasting this delicious recipe, I think what makes it such as winner is the combination of taste senses that are stimulated. The bacon smells heavenly (as bacon does), the textures is both crunchy and soft, and the flavors hit most of our taste buds including sweet, spicy, and salty.

How to serve these delicious bites? Although they will work on just about any type of plate, due to their outback style ingredients, I prefer to serve them on a nice wooden cutting board to give that back yard grilling feel that only meat and potatoes can truly capture. Serve these up to your guests and they will have no problems asking for a repeat.

To enjoy these little goodies, check out the link below to the 'Mom Spark' website for the full recipe including ingredients, directions and more mouth watering images.

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