Swing Bed- Porch Swing Handmade with Mahogany Wood

Your eyes are closed. The warmth of sunshine touches upon your face. You hear the buzz of the bees in the flowers and the zip of a hummingbird. A dog barks. Children's laughter drifts on the breeze. In the distance is the low rumble of a neighbor's lawnmower. A light breeze caresses your skin and gently rustles the leaves and branches in the nearby trees. Sweet and spicy scents of summer's bounty tickle and tease your nose. Birds chirp and twitter and sing. You sigh contentedly and sink further into the soft cushions. The gentle swaying is lulling you back into dream land.

The soft red of the mahogany is sure to add a touch of elegance and hominess to your front porch. The lattice work and pillows transform this into a porch swing for sitting and enjoying a cool glass of tea or indulging in your favorite novel. Cuddle up with the grand kids and enjoy an evening watching fireflies as they flit back and forth in the cool summer night. Wrapped in a cozy blanket you can sit back and watch mother nature's amazing lighting display or the breath taking northern lights. Perhaps even a meteor shower or two!

Trevor Zandt and Jennifer Zandt of Industrial Envy offer this beautiful porch bed-Porch swing on 'Etsy.com'. Handmade of solid Fijian mahogany, protected with a teak oil finish, you can lull away those lazy summer days and nights on your very own swing bed. Made to be supported by galvanized steel cable, this spectacular bed with it's intricate lattice work is sure to last a lifetime. Measuring 85"l by 41"d by 20"h, Industrial Envy offers a limited lifetime guarantee. The bed swing includes all the hanging hardware as well as a custom outdoor mattress and pillows covered in your choice of Sunbrella fabric.

This beautiful piece is available through 'Etsy'. Find out more by following the link below.

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