Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme (Copycat)

Guys. First, I would like to introduce to you the recipe for today: the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. And second I’m sorry but I have to do this. I can’t… help.. it.. I can’t control my mind and body anymore. I have to do this; I’m sorry. One..Two.. Three… sing! “It's raining tacos!From out of the sky, Tacos! No need to ask why! Just open your mouth and close your eyes. It's raining tacos! It’s raining tacos out in the street, Tacos! All you can eat; lettuce and shell cheese and meat. It's raining tacos!” Wow! That is hilarious! Oh, how I wish it would rain tacos. But before that, let’s have a talk about it first.

A Taco is a “traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.” Beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetable, and cheese are for taco filling. According to Real Academia Española, as cited by Wikipedia, the word tacos describe a Mexican folded dish tortilla around food. The Online Etymological Dictionary defines taco as "tortilla filled with spiced meat" and describes its etymology as derived from Mexican Spanish, "light lunch," "plug, wadding."

There are many types of tacos. Among these are the soft tacos, American style hard tacos, and soft shell tacos. Soft tacos are the most authentic type, and this is what you usually see in the food truck. According Jessie Oleson Moore, “this type of taco is small, with two white corn tortillas measuring from 3 to 5 inches across stacked together and topped with any number of meats, vegetables and flavourings.” Another type is the American-style tacos. It involves a hard corn taco shell with a texture similar to tortilla chips. The fillings are stacked, such as seasoned meat, shredded lettuce, cheese, tomato, and salsa inside the shell. If you worry about the cracking, you don’t have to. It softens right after you stack the fillings inside. The last one is the soft shell tacos. Well, you might be asking what’s the difference between soft shell tacos and soft tacos. Here’s the answer. “Typically, a soft-shell taco is more like a hard taco shell but steamed or cooked to a slightly softer consistency,” says Moore. Soft tacos are either grilled or fried.

So what type of tacos do you prefer? Well, nevertheless, whatever you like, tacos are love. So… want to sing that song with me one more time? With dance moves, OK? “Sure!” Cool. Now, ready…sing! “It's raining tacos! From out of the sky, Tacos! No need to ask why! Just open your mouth and close your eyes. It's raining tacos!” OH YEAH!

Now it is time for you to enjoy! You can visit the link to the recipe in "Life in the Lofthouse" website below.

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