Taco Potatoes

Everybody loves taco potatoes because they are an incredibly fun and delicious food. Taco potatoes are the new baked potatoes in this century! Seasoned ground beef, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa. Everything you want in a food is all over taco potatoes. The recipe is so easy even your kids can make them and they will definitely love it, too!

Tacos were invented by Mexican silver miners, and Mexican Americans in the South West re-created it, then Glen Bell, a businessman marketed it to the Anglos using the name Taco Bell shell. That is how tacos have evolved into our present day. There is no exact evidence of where Tacos originated, however many people believed that it started from the 18th century in Mexico. The word “taco” itself means little charges they use to dig the rocks. It was a piece of paper that would be wrapped around gunpowder and it will be put inside a hole in the rock. The first kind of tacos was called “tacos de minero” which means miner’s tacos. Therefore, tacos are not a food after all; it is more like a folk expression. Tacos are usually comprises of corn tortilla rolled around a filling.

The filling can include a variety of foods such as beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and cheese depending on your preference.

Around 1910 to 1920, tacos were starting to gain popularity because of the migrants who came in and started to obtain citizenship through civil rights and those who fought for the World War II.

When the Mexicans starting moving into the US, they still love eating Mexican food. Thus tacos became known to Americans because of its simple and healthy ingredients that are fit for breakfast, and then it became part of their diet until now. Therefore if you are a taco lover, try taco potatoes and it will make you love em’ even more!

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